Sussex Wanderers Generous Donation

February 10, 2022 at 2:38 pm

Our generous friends at the MG Car Club Sussex Wanderers came to visit on Thursday 10th February, bringing with them a couple of their beautiful cars. They had the opportunity to watch one of our riding sessions, for the visually impaired children from St Stephen’s School, South Godstone, and to see how we use the funds they raise.

They brought with them a cheque for £1,050, of which most is cash donations allowing another £236.62 to be reclaimed. Each month in the spring and summer they organise a run out for their beloved vehicles, followed by a lunch, and then pass round a hat on our behalf.

We are enormously grateful for their continuing support, particularly to David and Ursula who do all the organising.

Members of the Sussex Wanderers with Sally O’Neill, James Baxter and one of our riders on Liquorice