Carriage Driving

We have three fully qualified RDA driving coaches who now offer carriage driving lessons to both ambulant and non-ambulant disabled children and adults.

We have two beautiful driving ponies: Guy, a coloured cob and Coke, a registered black Dales pony.  They are both experienced RDA driving ponies and have achieved many successes in the show ring.

We have two carriages, one specially designed by Fenix Carriages of Devon for use by our disabled clients.  A wheelchair-bound student can be loaded directly onto the carriage, and the wheelchair strapped in place.  The other carriage is more traditional and will accommodate up to four people at a time.

Tuition is on a one to one basis, and includes harnessing the pony and putting him in the carriage, as well as driving.  Lessons cost £35 for 45 minutes.