Special Saddle for our riders

February 2, 2020 at 3:29 pm

In December the St Silvans Area Charity were made aware that a local school they have helped in the past bring 12 children riding each week with East Park. Some of these children have high sensory needs and it was felt they could benefit from riding bareback but it needed to be as safe an experience as possible. Following some research by Lysa, who coaches the group, a solution was found – The Total Contact Saddle. The saddle was designed to give the closest possible contact with the horse whilst keeping the security of stirrups. The minimalist design strips away unnecessary padding, tree, cantle and pommel to deliver direct communication between horse and rider. The rider can now really feel the horse which is exactly the point for our pupils. The charity sprang into action and despite Christmas and the New Year getting in the way, ordered the saddle which arrived in time for the new term. The pupils were very excited to welcome Judy Whittaker and Alan Fyfe from the charity to their weekly lesson where the saddle was presented to Annie China-O’Neill.