A tremendous boost to our funding from Sainsbury’s

June 3, 2016 at 6:45 pm

Our year as Sainsbury’s East Grinstead Local Charity of the Year finished on 31st May.  During the year we held three bag packing events with an awareness stand, and the staff at Sainsbury’s held a number of fundraising events themselves.  Our collection buckets have been on the checkouts for most of the year.

The result has exceeded all our expectations with £6,547 raised.  Sainsbury’s are delighted, but not as delighted as we are!

To cap it all, Sainsbury’s have added another £1,573 from their carrier bag scheme, making a grand total of £8,210 raised.

We are very grateful to Sainsbury’s East Grinstead for giving us the opportunity to fund raise in their store, and to all their staff and colleagues for their fund-raising efforts.  We must also thank all those who threw their pennies in the buckets, not just on our bag packing days but throughout the year.

Thank you one and all.


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